About Founder Sandra Bellamy

About Founder Sandra Bellamy:

Sandra Bellamy Owner and Founder of beatredundancyblues

Sandra Bellamy; Owner, Founder, Writer beatredundancyblues and BlogTrainer.co.uk

Sandra Bellamy created beatredundancyblues.com to beat your redundancy blues, by being your one stop resource for redundancy.

After being made redundant for the second time in her career in 2009, Sandra was fed up with trawling the internet and individually inputting the URLs of job sites, courses sites and recruitment sites, into the search bar. She felt sure there had to be a better and more productive way to job hunt.

So she created this site, especially for you, to take the hunting our of your job hunt, by having access to job sites, recruitment sites and courses sites, from within this one site. It is easy to use and saves you a shed load of time, leaving you to concentrate on applying for more jobs.

Sandra realised that in order to overcome redundancy, it wasn’t just about job hunting, it was about healing from grief on the inside and getting the help and support she needed. That’s why this website takes a holistic view of redundancy and getting back into work. It has access to help with anxiety, depression and stress.

She realised that if there was just one site, where she could go to for help and support for everything post redundancy, that would have made her life a lot easier, but there wasn’t.

After dealing with her own redundancy grief, Sandra’s life changed for the better forever, because of it. She took time to reflect and to discover what it is that she really wanted to do with her life and came up with two answers.

  1. To write
  2. To help others who had been made redundant to get back into work.

That’s why she created beatredundancyblues.com to be a one stop resource for redundancy. Offering help with interviews, time management, organisation, record keeping, job hunting, wellbeing, useful advice, resources about redundancy rights and what numbers to phone to get benefits.

A lot of advice is from Sandra herself, because not only has she had experience of being made redundant twice; she has also worked recruiting staff, as part of her management roles for 7 years.

“During my career, I have been made redundant twice and each time I have successfully worked my way back up the ladder. I have interviewed, recruited, trained and coached staff as part of my management roles and I have been interviewed for jobs whilst redundant.  It is from experience that I have gained insight into both points of view and feel able to help others.  I want to use the skills I have learnt, my knowledge and expertise, to help you.”

beatredundancyblues.com is designed to:

  • Stop frustration by giving you easy access to many sites relevant to your situation, all from within one site.
  • Help anyone suffering from the shock and devastation of redundancy.
  • Provide one place you can turn to, to understand not just your practical needs, but also your emotional, mental and physical health.
  • To give you a platform from which to interact with other like minded individuals.
  • Encourage and support.
  • Offer essential skills and motivation techniques.






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