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Company History and how it all started, began with me, Sandra Bellamy.

Sandra Bellamy Owner and Founder of beatredundancyblues

Sandra Bellamy; Owner, Founder, Writer beatredundancyblues


Having been made redundant for the second time in my life during February 2009, I initially felt traumatised by the whole process and the emotional upheaval that had been thrust upon me. The feeling of no longer being in control of my life, left me with feelings of helplessness, self blame and depression.

But, I turned a corner, I decided I had got lots of skills to offer a prospective employer and lots of positive attributes.  I took the control back and ran with those thoughts, until I developed them into positivity, self belief and a greater self-awareness.  In fact, I found the process liberating, giving me a new found freedom I never thought possible and an outlook on life that was to stand me in good stead for years to come.

Having engaged my brain with a positive mindset, it was time to address the practicalities of job hunting.  I grew increasingly frustrated at spending hours buried in books and internet websites trying to piece together all the information I needed to successfully get back into work, on top of all the hours I would spend devising, revising, developing and editing my CV and cover letter, that I would individually target for each specific job.


It wasn’t long before I discovered two gaps in the market:

  1. I could not find a website which specifically went into detail about the practicalities of redundancy as well as our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing from within the one site.
  1. I could not find a website which provided an information service specifically on redundancy that incorporated links to a variety of sites such as job sites, recruitment sites and courses sites from within the one site. Making my job search less time consuming and more productive.

I realised that I could use my wealth of knowledge and experience to help others to get back into work. Both as a recruiter, whilst working in management for 7 years, and as a redundant worker, going through the recruitment process and successfully working my way back up the career ladder.

This website has been compiled from my own knowledge, experience and success, with these two gaps in mind.

Mission Statement

To be the number one resource for redundancy from practicalities to personal wellbeing.

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